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What types of sewing machine foot pedals can be replaced?

Most problems with foot pedals can be fixed by the professionals as long as your sewing machine or overlocker is portable and from an established brand.

Estimates for pedal repair St Asaph can be provided by email or phone.

What is the estimated turnaround time to complete pedal repairs for St Asaph?

Most pedal repairs for St Asaph domestic and commercial customers are carried out within 5 business days by the staff if parts are not needed.

If parts for your sewing machine need to be acquired, they will be promptly sourced.

The motor is running on my sewing machine but the needle is not moving?

This frequently occurring problem tends to impact older sewing machines and is often related to a faulty foot control or a damaged belt.

A pedal repair for St Asaph customers in the vast majority of cases is cost-effective.

When I turn on my sewing machine it quickly stitches without pressing the foot pedal?

The foot pedal could have a damaged wiring or the power cord might be damaged.

The team providing sewing machine repairs for St Asaph can offer repairs or replacements for this common fault at an economical price.

Foot Pedal Repairs St Asaph

Foot pedal repair St Asaph Denbighshire for sewing machines and overlockers from technicians who have been in the sewing machine repair industry for a considerable period of time now.

They know how vital your sewing machine is to you and they will always aim to repair it within a fast time frame and at an economical cost.

Faults with sewing machine foot pedals often result from general wear and tear, poor maintenance or general accidents but in most cases a foot pedal repair for St Asaph is often possible.

Customers would recommend the professionals for sewing machine repairs and servicing for St Asaph - just view the recent testimonials on the right for examples of customers who have used the national service.

To arrange a foot pedal repair for St Asaph in Denbighshire, just fill in the online form with your contact details and a brief description of the problem with your sewing machine or overlocker.

Please be aware that budget sewing machines from supermarkets and online catalogues are not worth repairing due to their inferior parts and workmanship.

Foot pedal repair St Asaph

Foot Pedal Replacement St Asaph

Sewing machines are run by a belt that makes sewing machine parts work together which forms stitches.

The speed of the belt is managed by the foot pedal; the sewing machine becomes faster as depression increases.

This service covers most major brands for foot pedal replacement St Asaph including:

• Singer
• Janome
• Husqvarna Viking
• Juki
• Bernina
• Brother
• Pfaff

Some of the common causes and problems linked with a damaged foot pedal include:

• Damaged casing
• Broken plug
• Loose wiring
• Motor belt replacement
• Motor problems
• Foot pedal smoking
• Foot pedal unresponsive
• Foot pedal keeps running when the pedal is not pressed

These are just some of the problems with a sewing machine pedal which can be repaired by the experienced team.

All repaired foot pedals include a warranty for added reassurance that the work has been carried out to the highest possible standard.

Convenient pickup and delivery for foot pedal repairs from any UK mainland post code and at a time to fit around your busy schedule.

For more information on sewing machine foot pedal repair services for St Asaph, just complete the enquiry form. The customer service representatives shall be in touch quickly by phone or email during business hours.

Recent Enquires

foot pedal on and off function no longer working. permanently on when foot pedal is plugged into machine. mechanism in foot pedal faulty. machine is 40 years old and worked until yesterday.


do you supply feet for this machine in particular darning foot and open toe applique


can you supply me with a foot pedal replacement for my sewing machine .. I am living in spain but will be in glasgow in april so can come and pick it up if that is ok the foot pedal and plug are joined and integrated but I can just add the foot pedal wire to the existing wire. I look forward to hearing from you. regards valerie watsonps I had to put in my old phone number so I could send this message to you.


brother nx400. thread breaks under the footplate. not a tension problem.


the machine itself is working fine but the foot pedal is broken. when the machine is turned on it runs or stitches without having yr foot on the pedal.


i have a 50yr old elna lotus zz, the foot cable needs replacing as the plasticiser has degraded and is smelly. also the motor needs a service as does not operate at all speeds.many thanks.


elna6000repair to foot control connection on sewing machine and repair to light bulb cover. not been used much since last service due to not being able to attach foot control


pfaff x walking foot not walking! :)


old singer with small motor fitted needs a good service please the foot pedal has some loose wiring and needs a new bulb in the light


works well with foot but I like to use button on machine this has started to work in fits and startsso would like it sorted thanks.


singer cable broken for foot pedal tripped over cable


i sent an enquiry yesterday,but have yet to hear back from anyone.are you still operational during the current lockdown?our sewing machine(baby lock professional) needs a service and we have misplaced the foot and the cover that lies over the spooland the cover