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What types of sewing machine foot pedals can be replaced?

Most problems with foot pedals can be resolved by the professionals as long as your sewing machine or overlocker is portable and from a well known brand.

Estimates for pedal repair Takeley can be supplied by email or phone.

What is the normal turnaround time to carry out pedal repairs for Takeley?

Most pedal repairs for Takeley domestic and commercial customers are completed within 5 business days by the staff if parts are not needed.

If parts for your sewing machine need to be obtained, they shall be promptly obtained.

The motor is working on my sewing machine but the needle is not moving?

This common issue tends to affect older sewing machines and is often caused by a faulty foot control or a broken belt.

A pedal repair for Takeley customers in most of cases is economical.

When I turn on my sewing machine it quickly stitches without depressing the foot pedal?

The foot pedal could have a loose wiring or the power cord might be damaged.

The team offering sewing machine repairs for Takeley can offer repairs or replacements for this common problem at an affordable price.

Foot Pedal Repairs Takeley

Foot pedal repair Takeley Essex for sewing machines and overlockers from technicians who have been in the sewing machine repair industry for many years now.

They realise how important your sewing machine is to you and they will always aim to fix it within a prompt time frame and at a competitive cost.

Problems with sewing machine foot pedals often result from general wear and tear, poor maintenance or general accidents but in the vast majority of cases a foot pedal repair for Takeley is often possible.

Clients would recommend the professionals for sewing machine repairs and servicing for Takeley - just view the recent testimonials on the right for examples of customers who have used the national service.

To organise a foot pedal repair for Takeley in Essex, just fill in the online form with your contact details and a brief description of the problem with your sewing machine or overlocker.

Please note that budget sewing machines from supermarkets and online catalogues are not worth repairing due to their inferior parts and workmanship.

Foot pedal repair Takeley

Foot Pedal Replacement Takeley

Sewing machines are driven by a belt that makes sewing machine parts work together which results in stitching.

The speed of the belt is controlled by the foot pedal; the sewing machine speeds up as depression increases.

This service covers most major makes for foot pedal replacement Takeley including:

• Pfaff
• Brother
• Bernina
• Juki
• Husqvarna Viking
• Janome
• Singer

Some of the frequently causes and issues associated with a damaged foot pedal include:

• Foot pedal keeps running when the pedal is not pressed
• Foot pedal unresponsive
• Foot pedal smoking
• Motor problems
• Motor belt replacement
• Loose wiring
• Broken plug
• Damaged casing

These are just some of the faults with a sewing machine pedal which can be fixed by the professional team.

All repaired foot pedals include a warranty for added reassurance that the work has been carried out to the highest possible standard.

Hassle-free pickup and delivery for foot pedal repairs from any UK mainland property and at a time to fit around your busy schedule.

For additional information on sewing machine foot pedal repair services for Takeley, simply fill in the online form. The customer service advisers shall be in touch promptly by phone or email during business hours.

Recent Enquires

toyota. still runs when I stop pressing foot pedal also needs a service. many thanks.


janomenot sure if irs the pedal or the machine itself... when I plug the pedal to the electricity and connect it to the machine, nothing works, not even the light...


foot pedal works intermittently. would like to repair or replace. please note this pedal is fitted with a jack plug. thank you.


hello, on setting up the machine it appears to function with the pedal down and stops on release. however a minute or two later if the machine is still plugged in, it starts running really fast as though the foot pedal in pressed down hard. it does this even with the foot pedal detached.


foot pedal is not working. light is on machine so power is ok. is it necessary to bring machine in for repair or is it likely that either pedal or cable need to be replaced


machine not running when foot pedal pressed-also needs a service. machine is portable.


the machine was bought in june x and not used a lot. now I can pull the thread through from bobbin and top spool but when I put my foot on the pedal it is noisy and doesnt want to move. in the book it suggests cleaning out lint. I tried this but there wast really anything to clean.


silver sewing machine.the needle will not move .the foot control seems to work but the knob on the side of the machine is very tight and will not lift the needle up or down.


my sewing machine runs at full speed as soon as it is turned on without the foot pedal being pressed. can the pedal be mended


bernina x - foot pedal was running only very fast, now doesn`t work at all.


janome - new homemodel: ml3023needs a full service as hasn`t been used in a while. it is also missing the power cord/foot pedal so we would require a new one.


lever arm very stiff foot does.t drop down properly.