Foot Pedal
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What types of sewing machine foot pedals can be replaced?

Most problems with foot pedals can be resolved by the professionals as long as your sewing machine or overlocker is portable and from a well known brand.

Estimates for pedal repair can be supplied by email or phone.

What is the normal turnaround time to carry out pedal repairs?

Most pedal repairs domestic and commercial customers are completed within 5 working days by the staff if parts are not needed.

If parts for your sewing machine need to be obtained, they shall be promptly sourced.

The motor is running on my sewing machine but the needle is not moving?

This common fault tends to affect older sewing machines and is often caused by a faulty foot control or a broken belt.

A pedal repair customers in most of cases is cost-effective.

When I turn on my sewing machine it quickly stitches without depressing the foot pedal?

The foot pedal could have a loose wiring or the power cord might be damaged.

The team offering sewing machine repairs can offer repairs or replacements for this common problem at a cost-effective price.

Foot Pedal Repairs

Foot pedal repair for sewing machines and overlockers from technicians who have been in the sewing machine repair industry for quite some time now.

They understand how important your sewing machine is to you and they will always aim to service it within a quick time frame and at an affordable cost.

Issues with sewing machine foot pedals often result from general wear and tear, poor maintenance or general accidents but luckily a foot pedal replacement is often possible.

Clients would recommend the professionals for sewing machine repairs and servicing - just view the recent testimonials on the right for examples of customers who have used the UK service.

To request a foot pedal repair, just fill in the online form with your contact details and a brief description of the problem with your sewing machine or overlocker.

Please note that budget sewing machines from supermarkets and online catalogues are not cost-effective due to their poor quality parts and workmanship.

Foot pedal repair

Foot Pedal Replacement

Sewing machines are operated by a belt that makes sewing machine parts work together which results in stitching.

The speed of the belt is managed by the foot pedal; the sewing machine becomes faster as depression increases.

This service covers most major manufacturers for foot pedal replacement including:

• Pfaff
• Brother
• Bernina
• Juki
• Husqvarna Viking
• Janome
• Singer

Some of the frequently causes and faults associated with a faulty foot pedal include:

• Foot pedal keeps running when the pedal is not pressed
• Foot pedal unresponsive
• Foot pedal smoking
• Motor problems
• Motor belt replacement
• Loose wiring
• Broken plug
• Damaged casing

These are just some of the issues with a sewing machine pedal which can be fixed by the knowledgable team.

All repaired foot pedals include a warranty for added reassurance that the work has been completed to the best possible standard.

Prompt collection and delivery for foot pedal repairs from any UK mainland property and at a time to fit around your hectic schedule.

For additional details on sewing machine foot pedal repair services, simply fill in the website form. The customer service department shall be in touch promptly by phone or email during working hours.

Recent Enquires

viking6270, l got given this sewing machine, but the lady removed the motor and foot pedal, l would like to put in a new one, or can it be made in to a manual operated. thank you


i have inherited a frisher and rossmann cub 3 sewing machine that has not been used for at least 25-30 years. i`d like to get it serviced and cleaned out etc so I can start to use it. could you give an indication of costs please?i tried it out yesterday and it seems to work, but I did spot a bit of smoke. not sure if it is just dust or something more serious., the foot peddle might need a new flex.


new home the needle foot won€™t move


singer. foot.late not working. keeps catching needle under plate.


riccar rl-924drvery stiff have to put foot firmly down then doesnt always go


machine stitches quickly without touching the foot pedal and a burning smell comes from the foot pedal. singer machineabout 30 yrs old.


my typical walking foot machine gc0323 needs a service. the walking foot is marking some lighter fabrics and vinyls. it can get stuck doing reverse stitching, bunching up thread on the rear of the fabric. also the top threat sometimes chews up and breaks. other times it sews fine!


hello, I have a x sewing machine manufactured by janhome sewing machine co, by the new home sewing machine company. I may need a small repair, possibley in aid of needle alignment as the straight stitching foot doesn`t work (the zigzag stitch works fine). and if it`s affordable i`d be interested in a service for cleaning parts. please let me know a quote and address, thanks very much indeed.


the problem is that my sewing machine doesnt recognize that foot is lowered and doesnt allow sewing. after lowering the foot still appears message to lower the feet


singer industrial sewing machines in need of service. also our upholsterer has a walking foot sewing machine which he needs repairing asap it seems that the bobbin keeps breaking the thread. he is out of action so this is very urgent


flex replacement on to foot pedal and replacement drive belt forsinger221k


foot pedal missing need a replacementbrother sewing machine