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The needle plate on my sewing machine has several burrs. Can the staff help?

The specialists provide needle plate repairs for Mosborough resulting from broken needle damage.

They will use professional tools and techniques to repair the needle plate where possible, otherwise they will source a high quality needle plate.

I am having tension problems with my sewing machine but the needle plate is not damaged?

Tension problems are a common fault with sewing machines created by sewing fabric which is too thick for the machine or when fluff has been caught in the discs.

Since modern sewing machines are computerised, these can present noticeable headaches for any sewing machine owner.

Fortunately the staff undertake an excellent sewing machine service for Mosborough in additional to needle plate repairs and replacements.

What is the average turnaround time for needle plate repair Mosborough?

If no spares are required for a needle plate repair for Mosborough, then the generally accepted turnaround time is about 5 business days.

The technicians source compatible from UK suppliers. For rarer sewing machine models, parts will need to be sourced from USA suppliers.

How much will it cost to fix a damaged needle plate?

It depends upon the manufacturer of sewing machine or overlocker but generally speaking it is much more economical to get a needle plate repair for Mosborough than buying a replacement sewing machine.

Estimates needle plate repair Mosborough is provided upon your initial enquiry with the technicians.

Needle Plate Repairs Mosborough

Needle plate repair Mosborough Sheffield from the professionals is affordable and quick.

When you're experiencing sewing problem problems, the issue might be a broken needle plate.

The team undertaking sewing machine services always aim to be friendly and helpful - just check out the recent testimonials on the right from clients all across the country.

For additional information needle plate repairs Mosborough or for a free quote, just get in touch with the specialists today.

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Please note that cheap sewing machines from catalogues and supermarkets are not cost-effective to repair due to the inferior parts and workmanship used in these machines. The technicians do not sell spare parts by themselves.

Needle plate repair Mosborough

Needle Plate Replacement Mosborough

The needle plate (also known as a throat plate) is an important element of your sewing machine or overlocker.

A needle plate sets the pressure and ensures that fabric is fed properly. The team can obtain a range of needle plates fit for different jobs including feed cover needle plates, straight stitch needle plates and zig zag needle plates.

The technicians offer needle plate repairs for Mosborough in Sheffield covering all the well known sewing machine including:

• Bernina needle plate
• Brother needle plate
• Pffaf needle plate
• Singer needle plate
• Wimsew needle plate
• Janome needle plate
• Husqvarna Viking

These are just some of the common sewing machine brands with needle plate faults which the professionals have effectively repaired.

A common fault that requires a needle plate repair is when needle thread keeps on breaking. This is often related to a damaged needle plate or timing problems.

Alternatively you might get a sewing machine needle jammed inside the needle plate. The sewing machine repairers have the required knowledge to carry out this repair service in a professional manner.

Depending upon the model of machine, the bobbin bases might need replacing if they start fraying the thread as well.

The technicians undertakes needle plate repair services for Mosborough via a hassle-free pickup and delivery service from UK mainland addresses.

To request a needle plate repair for Mosborough covering your sewing machine or overlocker, simply fill in the enquiry form with your contact details and a short description of the service required. You will get a quick response by email or phone during working hours.

Recent Enquires

brother 1034d overlockerneedle broke whilst overlocking thick fabric. since then the threads bunch up on the two prongs on the needle plate and the fabric doesn`t feed through. have tried without fabric or foot and the same thing happensthank you


very old singer sewing machine that requires a bit of attention. it still works a treat but it could do with a service. the foot plate has come loose and it`s lost the bit bobbin bit that holds the spool of thread, currently held on with a paint brush!


the needle seems to be out of line with the footplate and is hitting the metal.


singer . my husband has investigated and he can see that one on the cogs is not turning so the bobbin is not turning in its casing hence the thread won`t catch and the needle sometimes hits the bobbin plate.


a piece of one the guide pins has snapped in the needle plate following a fabric jam. stitches not forming a chain.


i would like to have my secondhand singer confidence serviced and repaired.i would like a general service for the machine and a couple of repairs:- the socket that the foot pedal locks into is loose and needs repairing- the see-through plastic plate on top of the bobbin holder is broken and needs to be replacedhow much would this cost?thank you!


the part that clicks the footplate down has snapped off


toyota jeans sewing machine, probably about 12 years old. no service history as I bought it second hand. the lower tension was wrong and I thought I had fixed it, but it has now stopped picking up the lower thread completely, so the top thread gets caught up below the plate and jams everything.


hellomy name is jo faulkner I am a textiles technician andi am emailing from wimbledon high school textiles department.we have a bernina b330 which refuses all throat plates. we have replaced the throat plate many times but it could be a problem with the way the plates fit in to the area.i was wondering the price of taking a look and repairing this I have a photograph to show you if it faulkner


my bernina x needle broke and got stuck on a loose foot that fell off and jammed the machine. no bits lost in machine. wheel doesn`t turn since this happened. someone suggested timing has been knocked out and will need re-setting. had the bobbin-holder out. nothing caught, (thread, etc).i took off side-plate, where light is, unscrewed 2 screws on back of needle-bar, to release broken needle from loose foot. re-tightened them. new needle replaced. now not working.could you tell me what you charge to have a look at it please? wishes, m. davies


jaguar x i`ve broken one of the prongs on the needle plate (left one) when a needle broke and bent it and I tried to correct position. how much would this cost to repair? thanks.


husqvarna viking jade x my machine appears to be ok for normal sewing but when I try to embroider numbers on my machine the needle breaks and there are needle marks on my plate so assume the needle is hitting the plate. I have embroidered some numbers without a problem but now the needle just keeps breaking. could you collect and return please.