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What is the average cost of an overlocker repair for London?

The cost of overlocker repairs for London is dependent upon a number of factors including the brand, model and repair required.

The overlocker repairers always aim to provide a realistic quote and in many of cases an overlocker repair can save you considerable time and money.

Will overlocker repairs for London customers take a while to complete?

Overlocker repairs for London customers have fast turnaround times of just three to five business days in most.

The technicians always aim to complete overlocker repairs to a an excellent standard.

My overlocker is making clunking noises and missing stitches?

The most typical cause of this issue is an incorrect needle, poor quality thread and misaligned tension but the additional noise is normally due to a broken component which will need inspection, repair or replacement.

The experts carry out overlocker repairs for London for the above problems and many more.

My overlocker keeps on snapping my threads?

If you're using good quality thread and your overlocker is a few years old, than an overlocker service might be necessary.

The technicians during an overlocker service will remove excess fluff, lint trapped inside your machine whilst checking, lubricating and replacing any broken parts e.g. a drive belt or the cutting knives.

For additional information on overlocker repairs for London customers by a collection and delivery service, just fill in the form provided.

Overlocker Repair London

Professional overlocker repairs for London cover all the major manufacturers including Baby Lock, Bernina, Brother, Husqvarna Viking, Juki and Janome to name but a few examples.

The team have been in the sewing machine industry for many years and you will have peace of mind that your overlocker is in the best possible hands.

Most faults with overlocker sewing machines can be quickly repaired at a reasonable cost without making short-cuts in the services offered.

Overlocker repairs for London customers cover domestic and commercial customers.

The technicians will carefully repair or service your faulty overlocker using compatible parts (where necessary) and tools for a professional result.

To organise an overlocker repair for London, simply fill in the website form and the professionals will be in touch shortly by phone or email.

Please note that cheap overlocker models are not worth repairing due to their poor parts and build quality.

Overlocker repair London

London Overlocker Repair

If you own an overlocker, you will know the vast benefits of this little marvel of sewing machine technology.

Overlocker machines are capable of running at very high speeds and are often used in the clothes industry for seaming, hemming and edging a range.

The flexibility of an overlocker machine is fantastic and advancements in technology have allowed home sewers to use overlockers due to their increased portability and reduced costs.

Unfortunately like all machines, an overlocker will eventually stop working due to worn out parts or accidental damage. Fortunately the professionals offer overlocker repair for London customers.

The most common overlocker faults include:

• Overlocker not chaining
• Excessive motor noise
• Overlocker needle thread snapping
• Overlocker tension problems
• Not switching on
• Not feeding properly
• Overlocker not stitching

All overlocker repairs for London include a warranty for additional assurance that your overlocker has been repaired to a reliable standard.

Providing brilliant customer service is important to the staff and they are pleased to answer any issues in regards to overlocker repairs and servicing.

The recent testimonials are from clients throughout the United Kingdom who have used the professional overlocker service covering London.

Overlocker repairs are simple to arrange due to the collection and delivery service which is provided at a time to suit your schedule.

If you want an overlocker repair for London or additional information, just utilise the enquiry form displayed. A customer service adviser will be in contact by email or phone.

Recent Enquires

do you repair toyota overlockers. if so what shops do you have in the north west?


husqvarna x overlocker and cover stitch machine.no specific fault, it needs to be serviced and has been unused for a couple of years.


singer u444b/454b 4 thread domestic overlocker I was sewing some denim seams rather thick for machine so it jammed and now front flap does nt full lose and needle will not turn full revolution could I bring it to you any idea of cos


janome overlocker, thread keeps snapping and knotting


hi I would like a quote for overlocker repair and service. its a janome 134d the spool stand has a broken prong. also it seems to overheat not sure if its because of incorrect bulb.also has a wobbly port for the power cable. thanks.


my toyota 4 thread differential feed overlocker has worked great for years. I attempted to overlock some thick seams recently which caused the right upper needle to bend badly. I have changed the needles but the left needle thread does not chain. would you be able to advise on the cost of a quote please to look at this


brother overlocker I got this repaired by someone and it was working fine then the problem came back. I overlock badgers and the problem is when I start overlocking the badge in a line it`s fine.. then it seems to run of to one side. is it possible someone can call methank youchristine


janone 9200dwas overlocking fine then whilst sewing the needle fell out.i can now not get it to chain., so new it fixed.thank you


after accidentally hitting a pin and breaking the upper cutting blade on my brother 1034d overlocker I have discovered that one of the pins that is used to create the wide overlock stitch has come out. are you able to replace that pin? I have ordered new cutting blades before I spotted this secondary problem but if you could quote for replacing the blades too. thanks.


juki overlocker I have recently moved house and I think the moving company have put something heavy on it !!! the first tension dial appears to be out of line . I do not think it is serious but I am being cautious it also needs a service can you help .


i have had the brother overlocker for some time but for various ressons have never used it . went on a course today to learn how to use it and after we started the machine after the teacher threading it, it made a horrible grinding noise so we stopped using it . help


hello, my step mum has an over locker but she is unable to thread it. is this something you could do for her please? it would be a great present from me to have her overlocker threaded so she can use it. she lives locally. thanks