Sewing Machine Repairs
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How much will a sewing machine repair for Brownhills cost?

Sewing machine repair Brownhills costs are determined by the brand, model and the problem you're having with. In most cases, a repair will cost much less than a replacement sewing machine.

Are sewing machine repairs for Brownhills covered by a warranty?

Every successful sewing machine repair comes with a warranty for extra peace of mind that the repair has been done to a high standard.

My sewing machine is not damaged but it needs a service?

The team offering sewing machine repairs for Brownhills West Midlands are also experienced in sewing machine servicing.

They can dismantle, calibrate, adjust, lubricate and test your sewing machine whilst repairing worn out minor parts where required.

What is the turnaround time regarding sewing machine repairs for Brownhills?

In many cases, a sewing machine repair for Brownhills is completed within a week.

Sometimes it might take longer if parts need to be sourced or if the sewing machine is more complex e.g. a modern computerised model or an older mechanical model.

Sewing Machine Repair Brownhills

Sewing machine repairs and servicing for Brownhills and West Midlands customers via couriers who will collect your machine from UK mainland addresses.

The technicians offering this professional service have experience in the sewing machine repair industry. They can even fix antique sewing machines to a working condition again.

The modern sewing machine repair centre has access to the required spare parts and repair equipment needed for a reliable and long lasting sewing machine repair.

The staff can fix most sewing machines to a working condition again. Sewing machine repairs are provided for recognised brands such as:

• Bernina
• Viking Husqvarna
• Elna
• Pfaff
• Brother
• Janome
• Frister & Rossmann
• Singer

Subject to the age and model of your sewing machine, a repair should be viable.

So if you are in Brownhills and need a sewing machine repair by collection and delivery, simply fill in the enquiry form and the customer service centre will get in touch shortly.

The sewing machine repairs for West Midlands do not cover supermarket or catalogue sewing machines e.g. Macro, Aldi, Lidl due to their poor build quality and lack of spare parts.

Sewing machine repairs Brownhills

Brownhills Sewing Machine Repair

Professional sewing machine repairs by professional technicians working from a large sewing machine repair centre servicing Brownhills in West Midlands via collection and delivery from your home or workplace.

Most faults with sewing machines can be serviced at a cost-effective price and it's often much less than a replacement when it's a premium sewing machine.

This professional sewing machine repair service for Brownhills covers individual machines and schools, colleges, universities and businesses in West Midlands that need multiple sewing machines repaired.

The technicians have access to most replacement sewing machine parts such as belts, panels, displays, casing and motors to name but a few examples.

Common problems that customers from Brownhills have experienced in regards to their sewing machines are:

• Sewing thread problems
• Bobbin problems
• Needle problems
• Tension problems
• Skipped stitches
• Software problems
• Not turning on

These are just some of the sewing machine problems that the professionals aim to repair within a week. They also offer sewing machine servicing which can extend the working life of your sewing machines.

Whether it's an individual, vintage sewing machine or lots of computerised sewing machines, providing excellent levels of customer service is important to the repair centres. Don't just take our word for it, check out the recent testimonials.

So if you are in Brownhills or West Midlands and require a sewing machine repair by collection and delivery from your home or workplace, simply contact the sewing machine repair centre via the online repair form.

Please leave your contact details and sewing machine fault so that the helpful advisers can contact you back as soon as possible.

Recent Enquires

pfaff quilt expression 4.0hi, I have an issues with my machine when I start stitching, after a while it makes a noise as if something is moving inside, after which threads start tangling and making knots and I need to re-set upper thread. it helps for a short period of time (sometimes literally a couple of minutes), then problem repeats.and other settings do not work properly.the machine is about 10 years old but has not been used much. would it be possible to repair? or better to get a new one?regardsgalina


hello, just wondering if I am able to purchase some sewing machine oil from you today? (approx 1 litre) - it`s for a brother industrial machine. thanks


brother overlocker I got this repaired by someone and it was working fine then the problem came back. I overlock badgers and the problem is when I start overlocking the badge in a line it`s fine.. then it seems to run of to one side. is it possible someone can call methank youchristine


janome my lock 134d. stitching is really messy. it leaves gaps in stitches. tension dial needs to be on number 1, for the lower looper, I set it up, seems ok, start sewing. and before I do about 6 ins, of sewing, it`s all over the place. it nearly went through sewing room window, this weekend.


pfaff hobbymatic 917the machine was perfectly fine and I was sewing new covers for my garden chairs when suddenly my needle is hitting the bobbin case.i checked the timing and it seemed to be alright but the alignment for the needle on the bobbin seems to be incorrect.any thing you can do to fix that? and how much would this cost?i look forward to hearing back from you.regards,petra


tension and stitch dial does not turn can you please give me an estimate for repair and a service.


would like sewing machine serviced had it a long time.not sure if I need a new one very noisy.


i inherited an old singer 99k it is sewing ok but the stich length is very short the adjuster screws in an out but doesnt alter the stitch length very much. I would like to get that sorted and to have it fully serviced. could you give me a quote for that please


i have a brother sewing machine and a riccar overlocker. both are working fine but have not been used much for a while and not been serviced for longer. how much would a service for both machines cost please?thank you


brother bc x the machine keeps knotting the cotton rather than sewing


janome mylock 134d is going slow and becoming very loud tho sewing very well. it is creating so much vibration that the lead drops out. can you help?


do you repair this type my daughter thinks the needle is out of synch as when sewing it doesnt go into the right place. but she is the same person who broke two needles within a few minutes when she used my old elna regardslily