Sewing Machine Repairs
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How much would a sewing machine repair for Wandsworth cost?

Sewing machine repair Wandsworth costs are determined by the brand, model and the problem you're having with. In most cases, a repair will cost much less than a new sewing machine.

Are sewing machine repairs for Wandsworth covered by a warranty?

Each completed sewing machine repair comes with a warranty for additional assurance that the repair has been completed to a professional standard.

My sewing machine is working fine but it needs a service?

The team offering sewing machine repairs for Wandsworth London are also experienced in sewing machine servicing.

They can dismantle, lubricate, adjust, calibrate and test your sewing machine whilst replacing damaged minor parts where necessary.

How long are sewing machine repairs for Wandsworth going to take?

In the vast majority of cases, a sewing machine repair for Wandsworth is completed within a week.

Sometimes it might take longer if parts need to be obtained or if the sewing machine is more complex e.g. a modern computerised model or an older mechanical model.

Sewing Machine Repair Wandsworth

Sewing machine repairs and servicing for Wandsworth and London customers via couriers who will pickup your machine from UK mainland addresses.

The technicians offering this professional service have experience in the sewing machine repair industry. They can even restore vintage sewing machines to a working condition again.

The modern sewing machine repair centre has access to the required spare parts and repair equipment needed for a reliable and long lasting sewing machine repair.

The staff can fix most sewing machines to a working condition again. Sewing machine repairs are provided for recognised brands such as:

• Bernina
• Viking Husqvarna
• Elna
• Pfaff
• Brother
• Janome
• Frister & Rossmann
• Singer

Subject to the age and model of your sewing machine, a repair should be viable.

So if you are in Wandsworth and need a sewing machine repair by collection and delivery, simply fill in the enquiry form and the customer service centre will get in touch shortly.

The sewing machine repairs for London do not cover supermarket or catalogue sewing machines e.g. Macro, Aldi, Lidl due to their poor build quality and lack of spare parts.

Sewing machine repairs Wandsworth

Wandsworth Sewing Machine Repair

Professional sewing machine repairs by skilled technicians working from a modern sewing machine repair centre servicing Wandsworth in London via collection and delivery from your home or workplace.

Most problems with sewing machines can be fixed at a cost-effective price and it's often much less than a replacement when it's a top quality sewing machine.

This professional sewing machine repair service for Wandsworth covers individual machines and schools, colleges, universities and businesses in London that need multiple sewing machines repaired.

The technicians have access to the vast majority of replacement sewing machine parts such as belts, panels, displays, casing and motors to name but a couple of examples.

Common problems that customers from Wandsworth have experienced in regards to their sewing machines are:

• Sewing thread problems
• Bobbin problems
• Needle problems
• Tension problems
• Skipped stitches
• Software problems
• Not turning on

These are just some of the sewing machine issues that the professionals aim to repair within a week. They also carry out sewing machine servicing which can extend the service life of your sewing machines.

Whether it's an individual, vintage sewing machine or many computerised sewing machines, providing excellent levels of customer service is important to the repair centres. Don't just take our word for it, check out the recent testimonials.

So if you are in Wandsworth or London and need a sewing machine repair by collection and delivery from your home or workplace, simply contact the sewing machine repair centre via the online repair form.

Please leave your contact details and sewing machine fault so that the helpful advisers can contact you back as soon as possible.

Recent Enquires

my wife has a bother with her singer sewing machine i`m sure it needs a service


brother 1034d stitches are gathering under the foot, the 4th line keeps on getting snagged in the workings within the machine. I recently snapped and replaced my blade so wonder if there was more damage and something bent out of alignment. can I get a quote for repair?


i have a brother sewing machine and the bobbin is not working properly brother super ace iii


pfaff. foot pedal problemsmachine not stoppingsewing machine service


no faults just need a service, I have an overlooked and a sewing machine


janome 4623leplus - pattern selector not workingsilver 9300e - won`t stitch more than one or two stitches then jams.please could you let me know if these are repairable and the approximate cost if they are.many thanks.


i have a really old hand sewing machine. I have no idea when it was last serviced but I cannot get it to sew when material is be honest I have very little use for the machine so if it is expensive for a service, we would have to consider whether to go ahead or not, as we will probably need to pay for it to be collected and returned to us.we have an interceptor on our phone to deter nuisance callers but just follow the instructions and we will speak to you! alternatively email me a contact number and I will ring you!many thanks


this enquiry may duplicate as I think I posted the query on the sewing machine tab in error.janome 9200d overlockergot something caught in the threader by accident. think i`ve now bent it so it won`t work. hoping it`s something you can fix.regardsjulie


my sewing machine no longer does zigzag stitching. this means I can longer do buttonholes or use the cams. I took it to southern counties sewing services where it was serviced but came back without a zigzag and a note stating that a gear in the machine was broken. is there any chance that you can replace the part the main reason I want to repair this old machine is because I have lots of cams and attachments for it but after a 74 service I really dont want to spend much more on it


riccar model no rl-924excessive noise and burning smell. I haven`t used it for a few years so not sure if it is repairable.


started smoking at the back so turned off immediately. must be nearly 30 years old so I wonder if it is worth repairing. thanks. louise


hi,i bought a 2nd hand brother innovis x sewing and embroidery machine to replace my lovely janome, but not had any lessons. to be honest it is a lovely machine but very complicated to me!!!i have a problem with zig zag for applique work. no matter how many times I rethread the bobbin and thread, change the needle etc, after an inch or so sewing it skips stiches, or gets thread in a knot at the top of the material and the thread breaks.tenson looks right though. how much would it cost to take a look at the machine?