Sewing Machine Repairs
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How much would a sewing machine repair cost?

Sewing machine repair costs are determined by the brand, model and the problem you're having with. In most cases, a repair will cost much less than a new sewing machine.

Are sewing machine repairs covered by a warranty?

Every completed sewing machine repair comes with a warranty for additional assurance that the repair has been carried out to a professional standard.

My sewing machine is not damaged but it needs a service?

The team offering sewing machine repairs are also experienced in sewing machine servicing.

They can disassemble, lubricate, adjust, calibrate and test your sewing machine whilst replacing damaged minor parts where necessary.

How long are sewing machine repairs going to take?

In most cases, a sewing machine repair is completed within a week.

Sometimes it can take longer if parts need to be obtained or if the sewing machine is more complex e.g. a modern computerised model or an older mechanical model.

Sewing Machine Repair

Sewing machine repairs and servicing customers via couriers who will pickup your machine from UK mainland addresses.

The technicians offering this professional service have experience in the sewing machine repair industry. They can even restore vintage sewing machines to a functioning condition again.

The modern sewing machine repair centre has access to the correct replacement parts and repair tools needed for a reliable and long lasting sewing machine repair.

The staff can service most sewing machines to a functioning condition again. Sewing machine repairs are provided for well known brands such as:

• Singer
• Frister & Rossmann
• Janome
• Brother
• Pfaff
• Elna
• Viking Husqvarna
• Bernina

Subject to the model and age of your sewing machine, a repair should be achievable.

So if you are and need a sewing machine repair by courier, simply fill in the sewing machine repair form and the customer service department will contact you back shortly.

The sewing machine repairs do not cover supermarket or catalogue sewing machines e.g. Macro, Aldi, Lidl due to their inferior build quality and lack of replacement parts.

Sewing machine repairs

Sewing Machine Repair

Professional sewing machine repairs by professional technicians working from a fully equipped sewing machine repair centre servicing via courier from your address.

Most faults with sewing machines can be repaired at an economical price and it's often much less than a replacement when it's a premium sewing machine.

This professional sewing machine repair service covers individual machines and schools, colleges, universities and workshops that need multiple sewing machines serviced.

The technicians have access to most replacement sewing machine parts such as belts, panels, displays, casing and motors to name but a few examples.

Common problems that customers have experienced in regards to their sewing machines are:

• Sewing thread problems
• Bobbin problems
• Needle problems
• Tension problems
• Skipped stitches
• Software problems
• Not turning on

These are just some of the sewing machine faults that the professionals aim to repair within a week. They also offer sewing machine servicing which can extend the working life of your sewing machines.

Whether it's an individual, antique sewing machine or lots of electrical sewing machines, providing outstanding levels of customer service is important to the repair centres. Don't just take our word for it, check out the recent testimonials.

So if you are and require a sewing machine repair by courier from your workplace or home, simply contact the sewing machine repair department via the website repair form.

Please leave your contact details and sewing machine problem so that the courteous advisers can contact you back as soon as possible.

Recent Enquires

i have a singer confidence x sewing machine that is only a month old and its no longer sewing properly... every now and then it will only do a straight stitch and just wont stitch any other. I really need this solving as I have a business to run and cant be without my machine for too long


needle keeps getting stuck or displaced whilst sewing and jamming the mechanism when sewing


i live in morecambe and have just purchased a bernina x 2 sewing machine in very good condition. how much do you charge for servicing please


singer/parts stiff, can`t pick up the shuttle thread from the shuttle feed. think needs a good machine service. only used now and again for family repairs


ikea sewing machine, never been serviced and is 5 years old. my tension needs readjusting but i`m not sure what else needs doing!kat


toyota differential service, possible repairs


i have an elna club computer sewing machine which needs a service after prolonged storage. when I started it up there was a strange smell as if there was burning. the machine is rather dusty so wondered if that was the problem. many thanks,


i have a bernina activa x and the dog feed has dropped so won`t pull the material through I work in a school and we would like a quote to see if we can have it repaired.


i have an old singer machine, with em926611 serial number. it has developed a fault where the speed has become very fast, without applying any pressure on the foot pedal. I wonder if a repair is going to be cost effective?


have a jones sewing machine, circa x machine x serial number: x and the presser foot lifter`s has broken off from the machine. can you help with a spare part and fitting?


sewing machine is checked, ready ann, but when pressing the pedal the foot dies not move up or down, not even if I try to do it with handle. cleaned it all out. still not working.


i have two sewing machines needing an mot. both singer machines.