Tension Control
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How long will it take to fix a tension problem with my sewing machine?

If no spare parts are required for a sewing machine tension recalibration will be a week in most cases.

Parts for older models shall be acquired from UK or USA suppliers which can result in a longer turnaround time.

Are tension problems with sewing machines and overlockers cost-effective to repair?

Yes in the vast majority of cases a tension problem with your sewing machine or overlocker can be repaired at an affordable cost.

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My sewing machine has a tension problem. What could the issue be?

This is a frequently requested repair issue for sewing machines which is often the result of someone trying to sew fabric too thick for the machine or they have changed their thread and fluff has become caught in the tension discs.

If you are certain that the tension unit is broken, then it is highly advised that a new check spring be used as this what has actually broken.

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I need advice on calibrating the tension of my overlocker?

The technicians would recommend customers to check the manufacturer's manual or website for general troubleshooting.

The professional sewing machine tension repair service for London is intended for customers who have broken tension units or who want servicing of their machine as well.

Sewing Machine Tension Repairs London

Professional sewing machine tension repairs for London at fully equipped repair centres with access to the best parts and tools needed for a long lasting and reliable repair.

The technicians have the experience to repair premium sewing machine machines and overlockers to a functioning condition again.

They always take a thorough and professional approach to resolving tension problems on sewing machines form domestic and commercial customers in London.

Most tension problems with your sewing machine can be repaired at a low cost so why wait any longer?

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Please be aware that budget sewing machine brands found in supermarkets and catalogues such as Argos, Aldi, Lidl, Ikea and E&R are not cost-effective to repair due to the low quality parts used.

Sewing machine tension repair London

Sewing Machine Tension Replacement London

Many sewing machines come fitted with a tension control dial that is used to control the tension of the upper thread.

When tension is correctly set, the top thread and bobbin thread will produce uniformed stitches. When the tension is too tight, the switch will begin to pucker and break.

If your sewing machine tension is too loose, the stitches will also be very loose.

Common issues associated with sewing machine tension problems include:

• Skipped stitches
• Thread too tight
• Thread too loose
• Tension unit broken

It should be noted that unless your tension unit is actually broken, a tension problem can often result from other factors not associated with tension problems such as bent or dull needle, poor quality thread and lint or thread caught in bobbin tension discs.

Tension repair London for sewing machines and overlockers covers all the major brands including Elna, Husqvarna Viking, Pfaff, Brother, Singer to name but a few examples.

The team are proud of their excellent customer service and responses to customer enquiries about sewing machine repair services.

Just check out some of the recent testimonials on the right from customers throughout the UK mainland who have used the sewing machine service from the helpful and friendly technicians.

The vast majority of sewing machine tension repairs are provided by a collection and delivery service which can be arranged at a convenient time from your home or workplace in London.

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