Sewing Machine Repair
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My sewing machine is smoking!

Smoking sewing machines are often caused by damage motors and excess oil or a lack of lubrication.

The sewing machine repairs for Bloomsbury via courier can fix this problem.

My sewing machine will not turn on?

If your sewing machine has no power, the most common reason is an issue with the foot pedal, display panel, wall socket or plug.

The team can help from the sewing machine repair centre servicing Bloomsbury and London by a courier service.

I am having issues with my sewing machine and it's still under warranty?

Sewing Machine Serv would advise contacting the retailer directly for warranty issues, parts and accessories.

For out of warranty sewing machine repairs and servicing for Bloomsbury, call the number provided or complete\fill out the online form provided.

Can any sewing machine be fixed?

Yes most sewing machines from recognised German, Swedish and Swiss brands can be fixed such as Singer, Brother, Bernina and Janome to name but a few examples.

However budget sewing machines do not have the same build quality or parts, making a service uneconomical.

Sewing Machine Bloomsbury

Whatever problems you are having with your sewing machine in Bloomsbury the helpful technicians are ready to help.

The purpose built sewing machine repair centre services Bloomsbury via couriers who can collect from any home or work address in London.

The repairs and servicing does not cover catalogue or supermarket sewing machines from Bloomsbury e.g. Lidl, Argos, Aldi, Macro as the repair cost isn't worth the replacement cost due to their inferior build quality.

The professionals aim to service or repair most sewing machines within a week using spare sewing machine parts if it's required.

Every sewing machine repair comes with fault testing as well.

So if you are in Bloomsbury and need a sewing machine repair, contact the courteous staff today via the online form.

Sewing machine repair Bloomsbury

Sewing Machine Service Bloomsbury

The professionals offer sewing machine repairs and servicing for Bloomsbury customers via a purpose built sewing machine repair centre.

The technicians are skilled in repairing most types of sewing machines from domestic sewing machines to industrial sewing machines and overlockers.

Sewing machine service and repairs for German, Swedish and Swiss made sewing machines such as:

• Frister & Rossmann sewing machines
• Pfaff sewing machines
• Elna sewing machines
• Husqvarna Viking sewing machines
• Bernina sewing machines

The technicians repair most other brands of sewing machines on the market except budget catalogue models as discussed before. Even vintage sewing machines that are 50+ years old can be repaired if the brand is established.

Only compatible sewing machine parts and repair techniques are used in sewing machine repairs.

Providing excellent customer service is crucial to the team and the recent testimonials highlight the service received and the professionalism of the service being provided.

Learn more information about the sewing machine repair service for customers in Bloomsbury via couriers on the sewing machine repairs page.

Whatever issues you are discovering with your sewing machine in Bloomsbury the technicians aim to assist. Contact the sewing machine repair centre via the online form today.

Recent Enquires

i just bought this. I would like it looked over. im not sure the bobbin is turning properly although its sewing ok. it sees a bit stiff. it needs a clean and maybe an oil.




the wheel is stuckjammed and will not turn. everything else i.e all electronics power etc work fine.


thread is pulling tightly from underneath and causing fabric to gather


tension not good stitches too loose or too tight


hi my singer x hasnt been used in many years and its time to sell it on. id like a service and a setup before I sell


hiya I live in newport I have an ancient new home sewing machine that I have got working after many years. it`s working but the tension is all to pot and the needle won`t go through a few layers of cotton. wondering if it`s worth getting repaired/serviced or whether it might just be too old and not worth spending any money on it. it must be about 40 years old! thanks


hasnt been serviced for several years. keeps breaking the thread hard to get the tension right needs a general clean.


i have a singer machine quite old from the 1970s I think. however the foots not working I tried it recently after many years of not using it. it worked for a moment then the foot appeared to blow. do you think you could fix it. its a basic machine but a good one.


hi I hope you can help.i have a hand cranked sewing machine which I have kindly been given but I can find very little information about. all I know is that it was purchased second hand in the early 1960s I have been told. it is extremely heavy and is pale green in colour and has the words h o m e across the machine and a manufacturing plate which I believe may say george dee limited it is in reasonable good condition I think but it has been stored for the past 50 plus years and not used since about x so is a little marked in places.the machine seems to be working ok apart from the tension also the tension knob has come off which luckily I still have .do you think that this machine is something you could possible repair etcif so please can I have an idea of the cost.i live in lincoln.please can you let me know where you are basedi look forward to hearing from you.kind regardslisa dexter


singer sewing machine model no. 8280hi there my machine has been running just fine for near on 2 years. all of a sudden the tension wont work. ive tried everything and every combination I can think of. ive had the casing off and checked inside and dusted but I cant find anything there. something is clearly wrong is this something you can help with thankszandra


the sewing machine is working ok but I feel that I would like it to be serviced including the replacement of light bulb. please will you let me know where you are based. many thanks