Sewing Machine Repair
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The sewing machine is smoking?

Smoking sewing machines are often caused by faulty motors and excess oil or a poor lubrication.

The sewing machine repairs for Northolt via courier can resolve this fault.

My sewing machine will not start up?

If your sewing machine has no power, the most likely reason is an problem with the plug, wall socket, display panel or foot pedal.

The technicians can help from the sewing machine repair centre servicing Northolt and London by a collection and delivery service.

I am finding problems with my sewing machine and it's still under warranty?

Sewing Machine Serv would advise contacting the manufacturer directly for warranty issues, parts and accessories.

For out of warranty sewing machine repairs and servicing for Northolt, call the number provided or fill in the enquiry form displayed.

Can my sewing machine be repaired?

Yes most sewing machines from high quality Swiss, Swedish and German brands can be serviced such as Janome, Bernina, Brother and Singer to name but a few examples.

However cheap sewing machines do not have the same build quality or parts, making a repair not worthwhile.

Sewing Machine Northolt

Whatever problems you are having with your sewing machine in Northolt the capable technicians are ready to help.

The large sewing machine repair centre services Northolt via couriers who can pick up your machine from any work or home address in London.

The repairs and servicing does not cover supermarket sewing machines from Northolt e.g. Lidl, Argos, Aldi, Macro as the repair cost exceeds the replacement cost due to their poor build quality.

The professionals aim to repair or service most sewing machines within a week using replacement sewing machine parts if it's needed.

Each sewing machine repair comes with fault testing as well.

So if you are in Northolt and need a sewing machine repair, contact the polite staff today via the sewing machine form.

Sewing machine repair Northolt

Sewing Machine Service Northolt

The professionals offer sewing machine repairs and servicing for Northolt customers via a fully equipped sewing machine repair centre.

The technicians are professionals in repairing most types of sewing machines from consumer sewing machines to industrial sewing machines and overlockers.

Sewing machine service and repairs for Swiss, Swedish and German made sewing machines such as:

• Bernina sewing machines
• Husqvarna Viking sewing machines
• Elna sewing machines
• Pfaff sewing machines
• Frister & Rossmann sewing machines

The technicians repair most other brands of sewing machines on the market except cheap catalogue models as mentioned earlier. Even antique sewing machines that are 50+ years old can be serviced if the brand is established.

Only suitable sewing machine parts and repair processes are used in sewing machine repairs.

Providing fantastic customer service is vital to the team and the recent testimonials comment on the service received and the professionalism of the service being provided.

Find out more information about the sewing machine repair service for customers in Northolt via couriers on the sewing machine repairs page.

Whatever faults you are having with your sewing machine in Northolt the technicians aim to offer assistance. Get in touch with the sewing machine repair department via the website form today.

Recent Enquires

singer quantum stylist. needle has got jammed in shaft and is immovable. it has snapped.


it jams and the tension is always too tight. someone fixed it for me and I did one seam fine but as soon as I changed the stitch length it was back to jamming and crumpled fabric and knots everywhere.


machine needs service after long period of not being used.


was working ok and then kept jamming and stopping think it probably just needs a good service as not been used for a few years


bunching threads underneaththreads pulling fabric down and getting trapped undernath metal plate


hasnt been used for a while and stitches dont look quite right but otherwise good


safety device activated.... have cleaned it but its still activated think thread caught in lever.


the part that holds the cotton reel had broken some time ago. I glued it back on but it has now snapped off the base still glued on fast. anything you can do


hi, I have been given a toyota sewing machine model jsf18 series a that has a note on it saying needs a service making a noise. the sewing machine may need a repair or just a service. what are your costs including pick up and drop off. I live in salford m3. many thanks. juliet morris


after sewing several stitches the whole machine seized up. the needle wouldnt rise. I jiggled the wheel back and forth and eventually lifted the needle but it all felt tight. as it hadnt been oiled in quite a while I oiled it in all the places the book said and a few more besides. a little looser now but still totally unusable.


started smoking and smelling of acrid plastic took casing off and found it to be coming from the motor. still works but alot of white smelly smoke coming from it so ive turned it all off.


motor going slow